With 25 years of experience and success working in the imaging arena, numerous Platform Programs, Master Classes, and Keynote speeches under their belts and the most coveted awards in the photographic industry Charles and Jennifer Maring have become two of the foremost experts in the photographic and digital imaging world. The Maring's love to share their trials, tribulations, and excitement for the future, and give classes and programs on just about every digital imaging topic imaginable. Their upbeat, positive vibes resonate with students making their presentation both motivational and educational. Well versed and successful in photography, video production, lighting, audio, web design, app development, and digital marketing strategies Charles and Jennifer Maring offer a deep understanding of the digital imagine marketplace and how to succeed in business and art.

Maring talks about the technology they use and are passionate about. Over the years sponsors have included Nikon, Canon, Profoto, Tamrac, Glidecam, Lytro, Triple Scoop Music, and Panasonic.

Currently Maring is proud to be a Lumix Luminary, a Lytro Studio Artist, and part of Profoto's lineup of lighting masters.

Upcoming Classes...

Unique University - Mirrorless Modern Weddings - Registration Price $10.00 Click here to sign up
Sponsored by Panasonic June 26th, 2015 3:15pm - 4:15 pm

Skill Level: Everyone 

Today there are numerous ways to create, capture, and sell wedding moments ranging from traditional digital still images to 4K video in which you find and extract the perfect micro-expression.

In this program, Charles Maring will walk students through moments captured at real weddings in both 4K and traditional digital stills.  Students will learn how his studio blends it all together to offer a wide range of compelling products, ranging from gorgeous one-of-a-kind wedding albums to artistic wedding films, and more. From the "getting ready" moments to the very last dance, Maring will share how his team uses creative lighting and all the amazing features of the modern camera to tell stories for an elite and discerning clientele.

B&H Photo Event Space - Storytelling in 4K for Video and Stills - Click here to sign up
Tuesday, June 23, 2015 | 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Speakers: Charles Maring

Event Type: Photography, Video

Skill Level: Basic, Intermediate

4K video and photos are quickly becoming the ultimate storytelling platform regardless of whether you shoot weddings, portraits, fashion, or lifestyle. Photographer and filmmaker Charles Maring will share how embracing this technology allows you to become a stronger storyteller along with expanding your product offering. Learn concepts and techniques for making the most of your 4K mirrorless camera along with business tips and ideas that can transform your business and your creative capabilities.