Luxury Adventures and Photo Safaris
by Maring Visuals

Experience your life in a way that feels like a dream come true, and share it with your loved ones, by joining artists Charles and Jennifer Maring on one of many epic journeys throughout the world. The camera has allowed the Maring’s to experience and photograph life, love, and luxury and those moments have given them a unique opportunity to design itineraries filled with some of the best kept secrets along the way.

It’s one thing to go on vacation and wing it… It’s quite another to have a trusted expert and artist at your side who can guide you to the most magical places, and capture it all through world class photographs and video. The Maring experience does all of that, and more…

Charles and Jennifer are avid sailors, scuba certified, licensed drone pilots and keynote speakers on topics related to photography, filmmaking, social media, and the power of positive self image. Simply put, your hosts will inspire you to see yourself and those around you in the most beautiful light. You will grow personally on this adventure and come away with knowledge and insight on many fronts.


Ideal for honeymoons, and close friends and family.
Maximum 8 people in 4 state rooms…

Sailing is a passion of ours, and that passion shines on our BVI Luxury Adventure and Photo Safari… The BVI is a tropical paradise, and unlike many over populated locations, the British Virgin Islands has a quieter charm. We’ve sailed here many times over, and each time it’s been an inspiring journey. The picturesque beauty of this location are remarkable, and we will take you to the quieter places that aren’t filled with tourists along with some well known hot spots worthy of a day in paradise. We know the best kept secrets, so you’ll experience this journey in a peaceful and personal way.

Itineraries vary based on your individual interests, so we will be asking a lot of questions that go well beyond the typical travel planner. We also have a lot of expertise to share upon request so plan to learn as much as you wish, or just enjoy the journey while we capture your story…

Wan’t to learn photography, or how to make the most of your camera?
Charles and Jennifer are two of the world’s foremost experts…

Wan’t to learn to sail, or teach your entire family?
Charles and Jennifer are Avid Sailors, and can show you the ropes… Next time, you can be the captain.

Care to Scuba dive, or go snorkeling?
Charles is a certified diver, and can capture the journey.

Wish you could have it all captured in stunning 4K video and photographs?
Beyond being your hosts, that’s a big part of what makes this opportunity so special. Your story will be captured in epic ways you never expected…. Aerial drone photographs at sail, time lapse photography of the night skies, plenty of candid laughter, and the most picturesque portraits of your lifetime.