Modeling Reels

Grow in the direction of your dreams, become more confident
in front of the camera, build a reel / portfolio, learn, and have fun...

We work with a lot of aspiring models, and with the launch of Charles' fashion label this past year, we have been creating fashion photo-shoots on an ongoing basis in order to feed the Charlee Fine Art Instagram account, and share the clothing in creative ways. Directing and producing shoots brings us to a very important point, and that is that times have changed in terms of the skill set that models need to be working on, and the only real way to learn is by doing.

As a choreographer, producer, and director of plays and photoshoots, Jennifer Maring's knowledge and skill set goes far beyond the camera. She not only has the background to teach aspiring actors and models to have better performances, but she also practices what she preaches, and shares everyday. On the hit TV show Next Top Model you watch as aspiring models grow into themselves learning from the success of the pros. Utilizing our experience in photography, motion picture, directing, and fashion, Maring Visuals has launched a new program to bring this kind of experience to life, that will help others reach their goals. This isn't limited to just models, learning to be confident on camera equals confidence off camera as well. This is a program that helps empower you to see yourself in a whole new light, grow in a positive direction, and all while building a creative reel, portfolio, with options to build a personal website, get comp cards, prints, and digital assets to help you on your journey.

Looking back, still photography was what modeling and fashion shoots revolved around, but in the mobile, big screen, video billboard world we live in, motion has become the style du jour. For aspiring models this means that you need to learn to work in motion, and practice makes perfect. Still photographs are still important, as you will want to have comp cards, both printed and digital, but if you are smart you will also start producing a professional video reel at least once per year. Although we highly suggest it twice per year for Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter.

That is where Maring Visuals comes in... As artists, fashion designers, directors, and filmmakers, we offer aspiring individuals guidance. Learning to move gracefully and comfortably is something that not only helps in your reel, but also helps in every step of life. Reach out to us to learn more about the fashion and modeling photo-shoots we produce, and how we can help you grow your skill set in front of the camera, and in the performance of life.