Modern Sophistication


Project: A Modern Look for Interior Designers at Design House Interiors
Photography by Maring Visuals
Hair and Makeup by Salon Nathaniel

From our first meeting we knew we were going to have a great deal of fun organizing, lighting, and photographing Judi, Jennifer, and Ramona of Design House Interiors in Wallingford, CT. The team came to us with a very specific goal. Knowing the importance of personal connection, they knew they wanted new headshots that were modern, and which showcased the sophistication and friendliness of their brand.

We do a lot of headshots at Maring Visuals, but when working with a company or personality we always like to propose fresh ideas that are current. We ask a lot of questions about your goals so that we can maximize our time together, and have a plan that will make your life easy allowing you to enjoy the photo-session and be present, but also guarantee that we are able to exceed your expectations from start to finish.

While a studio headshot would be a great start, after speaking with the ladies of Design House, we suggested, and all agreed, that their own design space would be even better because it would allow them to showcase a glimpse of their style, personalities, talents, and teamwork. 

Together we created a three part goal, which would all be achieved within one morning. Photographically speaking here are some great tips and goals for your brand that will start you moving in a positive direction with confidence.

1. Create a great headshot.
Headshots show who you are, and whom someone may meet or speak with at the company. These are great for public relations opportunities, and articles about you personally. From business cards to websites, magazine covers, avatars, and more the uses are endless.

2. Create an Environment Portrait
Environmental portraits showcase you in your workspace, and possibly even share your talent. These are fantastic for website banners, lifestyle articles or editorials, blog posts, brochures, or fancy personalized business cards.

3. Showcase Teamwork
Interactive portraits show you physically at work, or can illustrate how your team interacts, and what it is like to work with you. They give the viewer a glimpse into the creative process as well.