What is your style?

Simple, Beautiful, and Elegant are words that we use to describe our style. We capture moments as they naturally unfold however we also know how to use lighting to create a cinematic feel to these moments making our stories reminiscent of a great Hollywood film. We blend in the perfect amount of posed portraits gracefully guiding you so that you look your best. We also organize family and group portraits so that you can simply concentrate on living in the moment. It's everything you could want in wedding photography, and exactly what we would want for our family as well.

Who will actually photograph my wedding?

We offer principal coverage by Charles Maring and/or Jennifer Maring personally along with assisted coverage by associates photographers as well. We team build based on the demands and logistics of the wedding. Rest assured your are getting the best based on your personal needs and budget.


Are photo albums and other products available?

Absolutely... Maring is a full service studio, and we take our print quality and presentation of our photographs seriously for those looking to have it all. We offer a gorgeous selection of albums, books, thank you cards, and frames along with many unique papers to turn each photograph into a work of art that you will love to have and hold.

Do you travel for weddings?

Yes, and with passports current we are ready on a moments notice. With offices in Manhattan and Connecticut we primarily serve the Northeast. However, we photographed destination weddings all over the world on a regular basis. We love to travel!

Are engagement photographs included?

Yes, we love spending time with our couples and sharing in their love for one another. It's completely up to you, but we include an engagement session with every booking and have many great ideas to share on how to make it a special and memorable experience.

How many photographs will I receive and how long after the wedding day?

We take unlimited photographs at your wedding, and generally deliver 800-1000 proofs depending the length of the event or how many formal events take place throughout the day. However, our services go well beyond that as we also take the time to select our "Artist Favorites" and create an online gallery for you to share with friends and family. These photographs are digitally mastered and artistically refined for maximum visual impact and are available for purchase as printed photographs in your albums, books, and other presentations. We will also give that same special attention to any additional photographs you choose as well before going to print. This allows you to share our best in class quality from the days events and see just how amazing the final prints will be first hand.

What do your wedding photography services cost?

We offer coverage that fits a wide range of budgets, and to better serve you, we custom quote our wedding coverage. Different families value products and services their own unique way, and we need to learn more about your event to create a package that gives the best value based on your individual needs and tastes. Costs vary based on logistics, location in the world, and what it takes to cover your event to the highest of standards. Small, local weddings that are 5 hours obviously cost a lot less to cover than lavish galas in a far off place with celebrations lasting over a period of days. We also take into account your needs for printed photographs, albums, and other designer presentations and art work. Whatever your expectations, we know how to exceed them. So, if you seek the very best please reach out to discuss the details of your special day so that we can listen, share advice, and cater to you on a highly personal level.

Do you offer video coverage as well?

Indeed we do offer video coverage, and if you are a lover of great films you will fall in love with our style. Much like our photography services we approach video with a very unobtrusive documentary style of capture so that your story is real rather than staged. We offer simple ceremony coverage, feature length films of the entire day, 3 song short films, single song highlights, and creative black and white film noir edits as well. We document your day in 4K and/or HD, offering coverage by a single cinematographer or a team of talented artists. This is nothing like video of the past. We create gorgeous cinema worthy of the big screen. Cost of video coverage varies by hours, logistics, number of artists, edits, and options. 

Have any more questions? Reach out to us by phone (877) 949-9370, or by email, and we are more than happy to talk over the details, or set up an in person meeting to share as well.