Maring Visuals
Maring Visuals

Charles and Jennifer Maring explore fashion and style endlessly by designing and styling creative photo-shoots for a wide range of clients on both the personal and commercial sides of the industry. We are a full service solution, and work with some amazing stylists as well. From location to decor to clothing or hair and make-up we can put a dream team together making it easy to just show up and enjoy. We also offer programs in which we setup several shoots throughout the year. Setting a plan of action is always a good idea.


Boudoir photography is an extremely popular and empowering experience. At Maring we offer a classy fashionable experience that is is so upbeat and fun that often groups of girlfriends get together to make the most of it. Many of our brides take advantage of this ideal time to create a beautifully bound romantic book, gift for the groom, or even a 300 page fashion magazine. It's also a fun experience for sexy playful couples.


Fashion is both fun and glamorous, and soft and beautiful. At our fashionable country lifestyle studio in Connecticut, on the streets of Manahttan, and all over the world, Maring is creating fashionable photographs all the time. Known for our lighting, and creative fashion films as well,  Maring can keep it simple or build an incredible team of artists when the budget allows.  Schedule one photo-shoot, or a year of photo-shoots, and create a dynamic magazine style portfolio that is both a showpiece and incredible gift to yourself or a loved one.