Using their photographic skills for composition and lighting, and pairing that with motion picture, time lapse photography, audio, and music, Maring Visuals creates compelling films for clients on both the commercial and personal front. Below are some films showcasing Maring's wide range of skill and expertise in the creative motion picture arena.

Learn more about Maring's skill level and mindset through the films and text below.


Ideal for couples that want to document their wedding artistically.

In the film above a team of four filmmakers captured the days events of Natasha and Nathan's wedding at The Plaza Hotel. Complimenting a two hour full color feature film, Maring also created this short film noir edit showcasing the wedding in a style reminiscent of a vintage Hollywood style. The beauty of this story is that it is a true documentary and everything was captured as it truly unfolded and completely unscripted showcasing Maring's ability to capture weddings and events as a historian. This film makes New York City a character in the film through the use of time lapse photography, and the emotion centers upon the vows and the ceremony allowing authentic emotion to be the center of the viewers attention. Creating a film on this level requires expertise in all areas of filmmaking, along with specialty tools, and a team that knows how to use them to the fullest.


This is a skill set that is ideal for corporations and companies. playhouses, or documentaries.

Jennifer Maring directed The Great Gastby as performed by Sheehan High School. So, naturally the Maring team stepped in to create a short promotional piece for the students to share throughout social media networks. This short film showcases Maring's ability to create gorgeous interview lighting and vocal audio quality in even the most challenging situations along with the ability to weave a story together for promotional pieces or documentary films.


Ideal to show construction, changes over time, the movement of light, and to make
weather or location a character within a more extensive film.

This short was created while on assignment in Elciego, Spain surrounding a destination wedding being held at Marqués de Riscal in the Rioja Wine Region. In this instance Maring used some of this footage to make the location shine in the film, as time lapse photography is ideal for destination wedding experiences. A living art piece called a Lumitarium, seen being inflated, was flown in from London as part of the week long wedding experience for guests. The Frank Gehry building, and other locations shots, were captured with the cameras in motion using a 6 foot time lapse dolly. Time lapse films are created taking one picture at a time, and showcase the movement of light  and/or time. Maring has an extensive time lapse portfolio to share upon request.


This is a client edit showcasing Maring's ability to use slow motion, steadicam, and time lapse creatively.

Slow motion has the ability to draw your attention to expressions and emotions creating a portrait like quality in films. Three members of the Maring Visuals team filmed the many angles of Dina and Hesham's wedding story, which took place at Tribeca Rooftop in Manhattan. Maring utilized a state of the art camera gimbal to create the look and feel of the camera flying throughout this short film. Then complimented that with time lapse photography created throughout the day, and on days prior to the event, so that NYC became a strong character within the storyline. This film was produced with the client in mind, rather than as a show piece, which is why there are so many toasts included in what you see here. A secondary two hour feature film edit was also produced keeping the entire ceremony and toasts in tact captured from a wide variety of angles. Maring also photographed the wedding as the exclusive still phtoographer as well with a fourth team member focusing on creating gorgeous printed photographs.