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Class of 2018 STATE WIDE Senior Model Search

Maring Visuals is hosting our Class of 2018 Senior Model Search, which is open to all Juniors in High School in Connecticut that are graduating in 2018. Students who participate in the program have a creative and empowering experience with a glimpse into the world of fashion and beauty photography. At no cost to you, Maring supplies hair and makeup, locations, lighting, and retouched images to share throughout social media along behind the scenes edits of your photoshoot. We are seeking motivated, positive energy students that are active on social media and in school or extra curricular activities that are willing to share their photographs, and the Maring Experience with fellow classmates. That's because we also offer Models an opportunity to earn exquisitely printed photographs to share as gifts with friends and family as well.

To learn more sign up via the form below. Although we have limited seats available, we want everyone to have this experience. So, everyone who signs up gets special discounts on senior portraits even if they are not chosen for the senior model program. So, this is a win/win opportunity all the way around. Expect a great experience, and let us bring out your best!

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Deadline to Apply is May 30th 2017.
Only 1-3 students will be chosen per school, so spaces are very limited.
Early applicants stand the best chance of being chosen.
All who apply will receive vip discounts on senior photography.

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Think creatively... What's your favorite color, quote, book, sport, or activity? It's all about self expression, so anything you feel sets you apart and makes you a good candidate.
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