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Professional lighting is one of the fundamental ingredients to creating imagery that sets your work apart. Charles Maring will demonstrate how he uses the Profoto off camera flash system for weddings and portraits to create high quality photographs from cover to cover at weddings and events. This presentation will cover it all starting with the getting ready moments, through the ceremony, the portrait session, and even lighting in the most challenging reception locations. Learn how off camera strobe enhances everything from the couples experience to the posed portraits you create, and even how it can make you a stronger and less obtrusive photojournalist. Understanding light and how to use strobe is the key to consistent results no matter what the wedding day throws your way, and this program will help get you there.

The Profoto B1 Off Camera Flash at Weddings

Some weddings have great light throughout the day, and yet others throw challenges at us left and right. The wedding above was beautiful in so many ways, yet like most weddings, we were hit with various lighting challenges as you see. Understanding off camera flash makes all the difference in the ability to deliver professional quality images from cover to cover in our clients albums. Sometimes just a little flash can make the ordinary extraordinary, and when it's done from an off camera perspective it adds depth, texture and dimension.

Gear used and seen in the video...

Profoto B1 and a transluscent umbrella

Panasonic Lumix GH4

Canon 5D Mark III


As a Multi-passionate entrepreneur and artist, photographer & filmmaker Charles Maring transcends any one specific genre with assignments encompassing everything from high end weddings and portraits to commercial and lifestyle photography. With 20 years experience in the photographic industry, Maring’s worldwide client base has grown to include many celebrities, dignitaries, and well known business leaders with discerning taste and style seeking a photographer with a refined set of skills that is able to deliver when the moments count most. Charles primarily serves the Northeast dividing his time between Manhattan and Connecticut when not on assignment Internationally.


"Understanding Strobe is what allows photographers to be consistent from cover to cover of the wedding album regardless of what the wedding day throws at you." _Charles Maring