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"Our photographs and services are for people who seek a creative experience complimented by an unparalleled quality...."

Photographers and Filmmakers Charles and Jennifer Maring are two modern artists sought out for both their creative vision and expertise. The couple is often regarded as two of the leading stars in the photographic industry, and often hailed among the top wedding and portrait photographers in the world. However, if you look closely you'll find that their portfolio transcends labels. Together the artists represent more than a single product or service, but rather an attitude towards life, and their unique talents are leading the industry during this golden age of creativity. The Maring's started their journey with little more than a dream and a camera, and dedicated their lives to the enrichment of photography to become an International success story. Charles and Jennifer first created a name for themselves within the photographic industry winning the most sought after awards in the world of imaging. Media outlets and clients of all walks of life took notice to Maring's eye for luxury and style, and success in the arts has been unfolding ever since. 

Today, well known individuals and families around the world turn to Charles and Jennifer for milestone portraits, along with wedding and event coverage of life's most important events. A few notable clients that showcase the vast personalities and individuals that adore Maring's creative eye include President Donald Trump and his wife Melania, Lawyer and talk show host Star Jones, Author Tom Clancy and his wife Alexandra, author and talk show host Glenn Beck, Jersey Shore reality stars JWOWW & Roger, musician Lil' Kim, Malika Bongo, Daughter of President Ali Bongo of Gabon, and celebrity lifestyle expert David Tutera to name a few.

Maring's private work for families and individuals often overlaps into the world of corporate and commercial media as well. From photographs to films, and even website design, Maring has created content for Walt Disney World, Bed Bath and Beyond, Cost Plus World Market, General Electric, Apple, Canon, Nikon, Panasonic, Profoto, American Express, and so many more.

Charles and Jennifer continuously exceed expectations with an unmatched level of imagination pushing the boundaries of photography and imaging to new heights each and every day. The couple divides their time between Manhattan and their private lifestyle studio in Wallingford, CT and consultations are available by appointment in either location. 

All those who place importance on photography or creative films of their life's journey should reach out to learn more, as you won't find two more caring and creative people who will go above and beyond to make sure you have an experience that you will cherish as much as Charles and Jennifer Maring. Expect a very unique and special experience.

Charles and Jennifer exceed expectations, which is why they are sought out by the toughest an most demanding critics and clients in the world...


"Maring is a Genius... The one that I trust." _Star Jones
"The Best of the Best... I am a huge fan of yours"_David Tutera
"Thank you for paying so much attention to the details... Together you make an amazing team."_Donald and Melania Trump
"Quite possibly the most talented wedding and event photographers. Their work is unparalleled."_Eda Kalkay - Celebrity Publicist
"The Ultimate in Wedding Art..." _Professional Photographer Magazine
"Masters at making the ordinary... Extraordinary!"_Rangefinder Magazine

Both Charles and Jennifer have chaired the International Photography Awards several times after the couple had repeated first place wins alongside the grand award as well. They followed this up with numerous 2nd and 3rd place wins over a short period of time. Other awards include The Kodak Gallery Award, and several Fuji Masterpiece Awards complimented by National Loan Collection Photographs. The Maring's have been named Connecticut Photographer of the year numerous years in a row prior to competing on an International level. The two are active members of guilds that promote the advancement of photography... Professional Photographers of America, and Wedding and Portrait Photographers International.

Success would be a failure if you didn't share what you learned with the next generation, and the Maring's are all about positive motivation and education! Charles and Jennifer have headlined the largest photographic conferences in the world speaking to thousands. They also give many smaller hands on workshops, programs at schools, and Master classes sharing camera and lighting techniques along with solid business advice for aspiring professionals. Maring has even been a keynote speaker at technology summits around the world sharing their vision of the future of photography and imaging.


The Maring's are both Lumix Luminaries, and Profoto Legends of Light. These sponsors help bring Maring's world class quality speeches and educational opportunities to cities around the world. To learn more about having Maring speak and share camera and lighting techniques along with proven business strategies to your group please reach out to Charles and Jennifer via the contact page. Often the costs of Maring's programs can be fully funded thanks to our sponsors. We enjoy sharing tips and advice with other aspiring and professional photographers and video artists that they can use to better their craft and their businesses.

Charles and Jennifer have several causes they believe in, and one of them is the Go Red campaign for the American Heart Association. Together with their spokesperson Star Jones, the Maring's created photographs to help promote their education initiative. Maring photographs were shared on billboards in Times Square and all around Manhattan as well as in magazines and other media outlets to help bring awareness to the cause.. Maring has also raised money for Thirst Relief by auctioning mentoring sessions with the proceeds going towards providing safe drinking water to locations around the world. Charles and Jennifer have also used their skills to produce awareness videos for local food banks and homeless kitchens as a way to give back on a local level. Charity and awareness is part of who we are.

You know our work, even if you don't realize it. Maring's photographs have been published all over the world in every media format imaginable. Maring photographs have graced the covers or editorial of magazines such as; People, InStyle, Hello, Celebrity Living, Life & Style, US Weekly, Brides, Modern Bride, Grace Ormonde Wedding Style, and so many others. The two have made appearances as experts and/or their work showcased on numerous television shows such as; The View, Entertainment Tonight, celebrity party planner David Tutera's many shows, and just about every news organization one can imagine.

Some clients enjoy the spotlight, while others prefer to hold on to their private life. Charles and Jennifer have numerous elite clients all over the world who trust Maring to keep their photographs secure. Maring has built their careers to this level by building lasting trustworthy relationships. Mums the word.