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If you read on below, you can learn about our awards and credentials, and surely that will allow you to understand that we are the best person for any assignment you could bring to our way. However, that was then, yesterday, this is now, and the future has endless possibilities. Wouldn't the future be cool if you suddenly found yourself working with people who bring out your best thoughts, make you look your best, make you feel as beautiful as you are on the inside, and then be rewarded with a product that is uniquely you. That would be a real one of a kind for sure.  

If you think that would be amazing, you simply must reach out to us. We promise that what you see online is just a taste of our imagination. The best we saved for you, and the only way we can share our real vision is to experience it first hand. Let's make it happen... Together In Style!


Chances are you found Maring Visuals by referral. Otherwise you just stumbled upon something very special, and it must be fate. That's because we are the best kept secret among those in the know, and we kind of like it that way. We don't advertise in magazines or on wedding websites because we like to keep in good company with likeminded businesses who put quality first. We are a small, and very personalized, studio that caters one on one to each individual, and therefore we can only take on a limited number of assignments each year. We are not the most expensive studio out there by any means, but we most certainly aren't the cheapest either. However, we are well balanced to be able to provide our clients with the very best in terms of service and product integrity with fare, honest, and upfront pricing. We work by referral alone, and the only way we can do that is to serve our clients to a higher standard. 5 Stars all the way...

STYLE... A Beautiful Balance of Art and History...

While we make it look easy, real moments, with gorgeous natural skin tones, and creative lighting is actually the most complicated style of photography one can achieve. This is especially true for weddings and events, which are constantly changing and in motion as there is only one chance to get it right. At Maring we don't settle for filters to cover-up bad color and lighting. Rather, like a great Hollywood film, we get it right in camera making our photographs beautiful from the very click of the shutter. However, to earn the Maring signature our photographs and films do go through a subtle, yet intense, post production workflow to give our images that quality worthy of winning the International Photography Awards. It's a beautiful balance of art and history, and it's a style all our own.


To work with the Maring's is to immerse yourself into the art world on a whole new level. Not only does this couple create world class photographs and highly creative films, but Charles paints mural sized expressionist oil painted masterpieces, a very unique line of fashion and home decor, music, and a reality based web-series so that clients can follow their creative journey online. You'll never meet anyone like husband and wife artists Charles and Jennifer Maring, as they have designed a one of a kind experience. Together as a team the couple has been producing, designing, capturing, printing, and creating photographic experiences for nearly two decades. This positive energy couple has devoted their lives to the advancement of visual art, and their photographs are said to showcase everything that is right with the world.

Whether you look at it from a standpoint of awards, clientele, experience, publication, or worldly assignments the Maring's stand out among the preeminent and current full time photographers of the world. Charles and Jennifer are honored to photograph families from all walks of life, and offer products and services covering a wide range of budgets. They are well known as leading experts in the wedding and photographic industries having photographed weddings and/or events, David Tutera, Star Jones, , Tom Clancy, Glenn Beck, Lil' Kim, JWoww, Donald and Melania Trump, and many other well known couples and individuals. While this may all sound impressive and interesting, what you will experience personally are two humble individuals eager to deliver on a promise of excellence and serve you to the highest of standards. Charles and Jennifer have worked hard to have this kind of story to tell, and they will work equally as hard for you. Experience your life through the eyes of true artists who aim to make your dreams a reality. If you seek an artistic experience, follow through, and great service this is an opportunity. You have found what you are looking for.


The Maring team shows up with positive energy that brings calm to the situation.

The Maring team shows up with positive energy that brings calm to the situation.



Both Charles and Jennifer have chaired the International Photography Awards several times after the couple had repeated first place wins alongside the grand award as well. They followed this up with numerous 2nd and 3rd place wins over a short period of time. Other awards include The Kodak Gallery Award, and several Fuji Masterpiece Awards complimented by National Loan Collection Photographs. The Maring's have been named Connecticut Photographer of the year numerous years in a row prior to competing on an International level. The two are active members of guilds that promote the advancement of photography... Professional Photographers of America, and Wedding and Portrait Photographers International.

Success would be a failure if you didn't share what you learned with the next generation, and the Maring's are all about positive motivation and education! Charles and Jennifer have headlined the largest photographic conferences in the world speaking to thousands. They also give many smaller hands on workshops, programs at schools, and Master classes sharing camera and lighting techniques along with solid business advice for aspiring professionals. Maring has even been a keynote speaker at technology summits around the world sharing their vision of the future of photography and imaging.


The Maring's are both Lumix Luminaries, and Profoto Masters of Light. These sponsors help bring Maring's world class quality speeches and educational opportunities to cities around the world. To learn more about having Maring speak and share camera and lighting techniques along with proven business strategies to your group please reach out to Charles and Jennifer via the contact page. Often the costs of Maring's programs can be fully funded thanks to our sponsors. We enjoy sharing tips and advice with other aspiring and professional photographers and video artists that they can use to better their craft and their businesses.

Charles and Jennifer have several causes they believe in, and one of them is the Go Red campaign for the American Heart Association. Together with their spokesperson Star Jones, the Maring's created photographs to help promote their education initiative. Maring photographs were shared on billboards in Times Square and all around Manhattan as well as in magazines and other media outlets to help bring awareness to the cause.. Maring has also raised money for Thirst Relief by auctioning mentoring sessions with the proceeds going towards providing safe drinking water to locations around the world. Charles and Jennifer have also used their skills to produce awareness videos for local food banks and homeless kitchens as a way to give back on a local level. Charity and awareness is part of who we are.

You know our work, even if you don't realize it. Maring's photographs have been seen and shared all over the world in every media format imaginable. Maring photographs have graced the covers or editorial of magazines such as; People, InStyle, Hello, Celebrity Living, Life & Style, US Weekly, Brides, Modern Bride, Grace Ormonde Wedding Style, and so many others. The two have made appearances as experts and/or their work showcased on numerous television shows such as; The View, Entertainment Tonight, celebrity party planner David Tutera's many shows, and just about every news organization one can imagine.

Maring serves a wide range of clients both commercially and privately, and some that you may know have included President Donald and Melania Trump, Star Jones, David Tutera, Tom Clancy, Glenn Beck, Walt Disney World, Bed Bath and Beyond, Cost Plus World Market, General Electric, Apple, Canon, Nikon, Panasonic, Profoto, American Express, and so many more.

Some clients enjoy the spotlight, while others prefer to hold on to their private life. Charles and Jennifer have numerous elite clients all over the world who trust Maring to keep their photographs secure. Maring has built their careers to this level by building lasting trustworthy relationships. Mums the word.